Here are a few of what I consider the most amusing of the 100+ podcasts I did for the Crabby Office Lady columns and blog, and if you want to subscribe and listen to the rest of them you can do that too. The podcasts I kept online can be found here, and you can also subscribe to them podcasts in iTunes. (I won’t be making any more as the Crabby Office Lady (as she’s didn’t have the forethought to COPYRIGHT her own INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY) retired to a small Micronesian island and is enjoying her time as the local “cougar” but you never know, someone else like Crabby–maybe her Girl-with-the-dragon-tattooed young daughter might end up taking over for her…)

Telecomuuting- REDUX

Secure printing


Returning to work

Defining email Protocols

Again, if you want to hear more hear more, visit the podcasts I kept online, and you can also find them in iTunes.


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