The Worldwide Vision of the Crabby Office Lady

Microsoft: The Crabby Office Lady

Crabby Office Lady

In 2002, for Microsoft Corporation, I created and developed the online tech + humor advice columnist, the Crabby Office Lady.

For 9+ years, I wrote and produced the a column, blog and podcast. At its height, the “Crabby” column garnered 1 million unique visitors per month. Site visitors and call-to-action responses increased more than 1200% from 2002- 2011.

Columns & Blog posts*

(*and no, not all 300+ of them)

  • Some blog posts are here.
  • A Google search will turn up some columns, my book, some reprints, and lots of other fun (and strange) stuff.  and other reprinted stuff


Crabby (me again) did several Crabby Office Lady videos that you can enjoy right here, without going to YouTube (where they now live with all the cute kittens). I’ve put them on a separate page. You can access it on my Videos page.


One a week…for a long time…


With 1 million monthly readers worldwide, Crabby got pretty popular. Here are some links to a few of the things said about her, er, I mean ME!


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